Panel Washing
  • Visual inspection to spot any problems or hazards on array or rooftop

  • Removing any accumulation of debris from the surface

  • Spraying down solar modules safely with deionized reverse osmosis water

  • Light scrubbing with a special boars hairs brush, followed by another spraying of water to ensure cleanliness of modules

  • Zip Tying of loose wiring, tightening of racking hardware, processing inverter warranty claims, Solmetric shade analysis, MC4 connector checks, etc.

  • (Anything not listed just inquire and we will get back to you to answer any of your questions in a timely fashion.

Monitor Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting of offline monitoring issues. Enphase, Sunpower and Locust monitoring platforms  supported at this time

Bird Deterrent
  • Pigeon nests and other debris is removed and bagged as from under the solar panels

  • A pressure washer is used to clean out the area underneath the modules before the solar panel pigeon proofing is installed

  • Disinfect and bleach is applied to effecting area to remove all traces of pheromones left behind from birds

  • Pigeon deterrent screening is installed.

Solar Purchase Consulting

Purchasing solar can be a painful ordeal and process. Had 3 guys out to give you quotes and received 3 completely different stories of what is in your best interest?

  • Let me weed through your proposals and give you an unbiased 3rd party opinion of the best route to go. What works best for your home and your family's habits.

  • Additionally I have multiple options you can choose from and can send you in the right direction. I can even perform a shade analysis on your roof and measure to see exactly what fits up there all in one appointment. (One stop trustworthy shop)

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